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Library Services - COVID-19: Database Tutorials

Database Tutorials

The tutorials below are created by staff at Vaughn College Library. The purpose of online tutorials is to provide instruction to faculty and students in navigating online resources for research during the pandemic. This resource is useful for also accessing materials for general interest, such as current events, e-Books, and subject based information. To log-in to databases, please use your email address (firstname.lastname) and email password for your Vaughn account. 

For assistance in database navigation, please contact Pamela Sookrali for general database assistance. Many thanks to Kris Santos, Ebru Soylu, Derek Paul, and Tom Haowen Ding for their contributions on tutorials such as New York Times, Springer e-Books, and so on.

Guide to current tutorials

The current tutorials published on this guide explain EBRARYSpringer e-Books, New York Times, Serial Solutions, and Access Engineering. These tutorials were created by Ebru Soylu, Derek Paul, Tom Haowen Ding, Kris Santos, and Curt Friehs respectively. 

For further instruction on these databases offered, please contact the tutorial creator. 

Other online resources is a website that allows users to access e-books, images, and other resources that are both research- and entertainment-based. As part of the Internet Archive Waybach Machine project,  its strengths include collections in archival aviation materials. An example is the Hindenberg's flight over New York City.

To navigate this website filled with videos, images or to borrow materials such as e-books, sign up for the account on the website.

Public Domain Statement

Usage of the Hindenberg footage over New York City is in Public Domain. 

Pathgrams. (2016, June 28). Hindenburg Over New York City (Standard 4:3) [VIdeo file]. Retrieved from

Database Tutorials by Staff

Virtual Library

Virtual Library tab created by Curt Friehs and Pamela Sookrali. 

Ongoing curation

Databases are monitored for their strengths in research to support Vaughn College students and faculty, especially in reflection to the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to do this, the staff navigates the database to find information that helps students locate resources to help write papers, to complete projects, and to read about subject information. To access databases, please visit the Virtual Library at the side tab or on the Online Library page. 

For instruction on a specific database in the collection, please email a staff member.


Vaughn College Library's online database tutorials are created by staff using Screencastify applications. 

For more information on how to use the application to create curriculum-based instruction, please contact Vaughn College Library staff. 


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Database tutorials page created by Kris Santos.